The Upstand (folding)

The Upstand (folding)


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The Upstand provides the modern evolution to the age-old kickstand. Combining strong, lightweight design and magnetic detachability, no longer do we need to ask “where can I set my bike”?

All of our Upstands are individually handmade by us in the United States. We source our custom carbon fiber from a company in Michigan, our stainless steel from a supplier down the street, and have our chemical hardening done right around the corner. We believe in our product and believe in building locally. This gives us the finest oversight over the construction of a truly made in America product.

  • Strong, lightweight carbon fiber construction
  • An axial magnet embedded in the top tube of Upstand for quick detachment and reattachment to the mounting tab
  • EPDM rubber foot on the bottom of the Upstand provides grip and doesn’t leave streaks on surfaces
  • Collapsible in half via internal shock cord allowing for easy portability
  • Velcro strap provides a stronghold for when Upstand is collapsed
  • Chemically hardened stainless steel mounting tab ensures strong durability

The Upstand attaches to your bicycle via an included mounting tab (14 grams) that goes on your rear axle. This is a one time install and stays on your rear axle. When you’re stopped and ready to use your Upstand, the magnet embedded in the top of the Upstand allows you to quickly attach it to the mounting tab and move your bicycle without it falling off. The mounting tab is compatible with standard quick releases, bolt on’s, and thru-axles (please choose the correct size below). Please check out the video below to see how quick the install is!

The velcro strap included with the Upstand allows a rider to easily collapse the Upstand in half and secure it together. Then the Upstand can be easily transported in a jersey pocket, bag on the bike, or whichever storage device you want to use.

With the Upstand, there’s no more having to lean your bike against the store window, the car, a fencepost or the furniture in your home. Stop worrying about your bicycle. The Upstand is here for your bicycle support.

Please choose the size Upstand you need below. The majority of bikes will use a standard Upstand with a standard-sized tab. If your bike has 26″/700 wheels or around this number, then you should choose the standard. Otherwise, please choose the size based on your wheel size.

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Additional information

Stand Size

Standard (26"/ 700 Wheels), 20" Wheels, 29" Wheels

Tab Size

Standard quick release, 10 mm, 12mm


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