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Just Ride L.A. Address: 1626 S. Hill St. Los Angeles, CA 90015 Phone: (213) 745-6783 Business Hours: 10a-7p Mon-Sat, 12p-6p Sun Email:

JRLA is what a bike shop should be. They have created a community with their support of charities, local events, group rides and most importantly – friendly, fast service. Danny, Christian, Luis and Juan are genuine and truly care about the customer. The shop is stocked with most everything you’ll ever need if you ride. If they don’t have it they will gladly order it for you. If you are looking for a new bike you should definitely check JRLA out first.

Brian Goodman


My husband had been wanting to get me a bike for sometime and we had done our research and narrowed it down to a Linus bike. Wanting to actually see, feel and ride the bike we headed to a few stores to find the Linus and get recommendations. The best experience we had was at Just Ride LA. We walked in and were immediately greated by friendly staff. Juan helped us and  walked us through their inventory, which did not include Linus but when I told him I was interested in a specific model he looked it up and showed me similar store model which I rode.  I tried a few models and liked the Momentum but my desire to ride the Linus bike nagged at me…

Jazmin C.


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