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Giant Collection

Los Angeles is a major city. As one of the most popular and famous cities in the world, it attracts attention from only the most popular and famous brands. When it comes to cycling, this means Giant Bicycles. The company is renowned for its innovative technologies; from the Maestro Suspension to its focus on more responsive cornering and improved acceleration, Giant Bicycles has continued to corner the market and bring the best of the best to its consumers. Here at Just Ride L.A., we’re proud to say that we carry such a remarkable and influential brand.

Our interest in Giant Bicycles stems from our dedication to our work. As a family-owned and operated company, we want to put our best selves forward; as cyclists who know the importance of finding (and understanding) the right bike, we want to make sure you make that match as well. JRLA is dedicated to your discovery.

Discovering Giant Bicycles With JRLA

Giant Bicycles are popular for a reason; not only are they categorized based on user (on-Road, x-Road, off-Road, e-bikes, youth), but they possess superior suspension systems. Maestro Suspension utilizes a setup of four pivot points and two linkages to create a floating point that reduces pedal bob and enables the rear wheel to travel vertically. When you shop with Just Ride L.A., you get such features in addition to multiple different options.

Discover the stable and confident handling (all while exploring the neighborhood and a new fitness routine) of the Sedona, or explore the light delight of the ARX bike. As the lightest bike in its category, you’ll truly understand just why Giant Bicycles rose to fame.