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One Wheel

The #1 Onewheel Boards In LA

You don’t need to leave LA to experience the slopes. Just Ride LA not only offers high-quality bikes but also the latest onewheel boards.

The onewheel board is an electric skateboard and a total gamechanger. With a range of 12 to 18 miles and a speed of 19 miles per hour, you won’t be able to stop smiling on your commute. Your skateboard can’t do what your onewheel board can do.

Design That’s Worth The Ride

The onewheel board has a hypercore brushless motor that pumps out enough power to let you ride anywhere at skateboarding speeds, even over hills. 

There’s no remote or ground push-off necessary. Sensors are located in the front and rear footpads. Just balance on your onewheel board, lean, and go.

And because the onewheel board uses sensors located in the footpads to determine when to take off and when to stop, you can stop on a dime to avoid collisions.

The onewheel board uses an axle that runs through the motor to pull out heat that’s generated when you’re riding. The board is encased in machined billet aluminum rails to ensure it stays in great condition whether you’re riding on the road or rougher terrain.

Intelligent LEDs are located at the front and back of the onewheel board, creating headlights and taillights while you’re on the move. The board is hooked up to highly-durable automotive connectors and fast charging is supported.

Connect Your Onewheel Board To Your Phone

When you ride your onewheel board, the experience doesn’t stop when you do. The onewheel board is app connected, so you can change and check your board’s functions wherever you are. The connection to the board is established over Bluetooth and it’s quick to connect. 

To learn more about onewheel boards or to get yours, contact Just Ride LA today.