Selle Royal Optica Moderate Women’s Saddle


Selle Royal Optica Moderate Women’s Saddle


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Optica Moderate Woman is an ergonomic saddle equipped with a central channel for pressure relief. For comfort we have added Skingel, an evolution of Royalgel™, to ensure pressure reduction in the genital area. The side guards further protect it from bumps and scratches.



3D Skingel

3D SKINGEL: An advanced, flexible system where gel is placed according to the anatomical needs of the rider, resulting in a light weight saddle maintaining a 40% pressure reduction on the perineal and ischial areas.


ELASTOMERS Absorbing even the most severe and unexpected shocks, elastomers work both vertically and horizontally for safe, silent and permanently non-deformable performance.

Water Resistant

WATER RESISTANT Royal Vacuum Light is a patented Selle Royal technology that allows the saddle to be 100% sealed and therefore water resistant. Saddles made with this production method are furthermore 20% lighter than ordinary ones of the same category.


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