Cervelo Aspero 5 Rose Champagne Ekar


Cervelo Aspero 5 Rose Champagne Ekar


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Our engineers like to joke that, “if it looks fast, it probably is.” But there’s some truth to that, and Áspero-5 looks fast standing still. No cables in the wind, tube shapes from our aerodynamically-proven library, and a hint of a cut out in the seat tube, all add up to a bike that proves the adage.

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Cervelo Aspero-5 Rose Champagne Ekar: Elevating Gravel Adventure

Embark on an exhilarating journey with the Cervelo Aspero-5 Rose Champagne Ekar, a gravel bike engineered to redefine the boundaries of adventure cycling. Designed to offer unparalleled performance and versatility, this bike is a testament to Cervelo’s commitment to innovation and excellence.

Lightweight Speed

One of the standout features of the Cervelo Aspero-5 is its ability to deliver lightweight speed without compromising durability. As you glide through challenging gravel trails, you’ll experience the thrill of effortless speed. The bike’s aerodynamic design minimizes drag, ensuring that every pedal stroke propels you forward with remarkable efficiency. Whether you’re navigating headwinds or powering through open prairies, the Aspero-5 provides a welcome advantage, enabling you to conquer any terrain with ease.

Precision Handling

In addition to its speed, the Cervelo Aspero-5 offers exceptional handling performance. Equipped with innovative two-position adjustment technology, this bike provides unparalleled control and stability even at high speeds. The “Trail Mixer” feature allows you to fine-tune the bike’s handling characteristics to suit your riding style and preferences. Whether you’re tackling sharp turns or weaving through technical sections, the Aspero-5 inspires confidence with its precise and responsive handling.

Versatile Configurations

Another highlight of the Cervelo Aspero-5 Rose Champagne Ekar is its versatility. Designed to adapt to your ever-changing riding needs, this bike offers multiple configuration options to accommodate various tire sizes and setups. With clearance for up to 700c x 40mm or 650b x 49mm tires, you can customize your bike to suit different terrain conditions and riding preferences. Whether you prefer the stability of larger tires or the agility of smaller ones, the Aspero-5 provides the versatility you need to tackle any gravel adventure with confidence.

Unleash Your Adventure

Unlock the full potential of your gravel riding experience with the Cervelo Aspero-5 Rose Champagne Ekar. From its lightweight speed to its precision handling and versatile configurations, this bike is engineered to elevate your adventures on the road less traveled. Embrace the freedom of gravel riding and unleash your inner explorer with the Cervelo Aspero-5. With its unrivaled performance and versatility, it’s the perfect companion for your next gravel adventure.

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