Brompton T-Line Urban

Brompton T-Line Urban


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Brand-new everything. Except the fold.

S & M-Types Available in Store ONLY

The all-new ultra-light titanium frame. Over 150 specially developed weight-saving components. Three years of obsessive material choices and rigorous testing. Everything brand-new except the fold. Andrew Ritchie, our founder, obsessed over that 40 years ago. Never bettered, just refined, it’s the original and still the best.


Brompton T-Line Urban: Your Ultimate City Ride Companion

If you’re seeking the perfect urban commuting companion, look no further than the Brompton T-Line Urban. With its ultra-light titanium frame, compact drivetrain, and pioneering carbon seat post, this bike conquers city streets with ease. Designed for the urban explorer, it seamlessly blends performance, style, and convenience, making it the ideal choice for navigating bustling city environments.

Ultra-Light Titanium Frame

The Brompton T-Line Urban features an entirely re-engineered titanium frame that weighs 37% less than its original all-steel equivalent. Whether navigating crowded streets or zipping through traffic, this lightweight frame ensures a smooth, agile ride. Its robust construction provides durability and stability, allowing riders to tackle any urban terrain with confidence.

Compact Drivetrain

Designed ground-up for optimal city performance, the compact drivetrain of the Brompton T-Line Urban is a game-changer. With a carbon crankset for greater power transfer and a 60-gram derailleur for smooth shifting, you’ll experience effortless acceleration and seamless gear changes. The drivetrain’s compact design enhances the bike’s agility, making it easy to maneuver through tight spaces and busy streets.

Pioneering Carbon Seat Post

Say goodbye to discomfort with the pioneering carbon seat post of the Brompton T-Line Urban. Reinforced with 0.3mm steel armor, this superlight seat post can withstand the rigors of daily commuting, ensuring a comfortable journey even on rough city roads. Its ergonomic design provides optimal support and reduces fatigue, allowing riders to enjoy long rides without sacrificing comfort.

Optimized Details for Urban Living

Every detail is meticulously optimized for urban living. From self-aligning hinges for easy folding to a spring-loaded handlebar catch for effortless handling, this bike makes daily commuting a breeze. Larger diameter rolling wheels ensure smooth movement, and the integrated nose handle on the carbon saddle allows for easy grabbing. Additionally, the bike’s compact size makes it easy to store in small living spaces or carry onto public transportation.

Experience the Joy of City Riding

With superior ride dynamics, shock-absorbing titanium, and responsive carbon fork and handlebars, the  T-Line Urban offers a seriously fun ride. Get ready to discover the joy of city riding with this innovative and versatile bike. Whether commuting to work or exploring your city, the Brompton T-Line Urban is your perfect companion. Its intuitive design and exceptional performance will inspire you to embark on new adventures and explore every corner of your urban environment.

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Weight 45 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 12 in


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