P-Line S4E Winter Sky/Concrete Grey, Brompton x CHPT 3

P-Line S4E Winter Sky/Concrete Grey, Brompton x CHPT 3


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Brompton x CHPT3 (4th Edition)

Turning a new page in the Brompton and CHPT3 story, the latest collaboration brings a fresh dynamic to a proven partnership. One founded on fun, practicality, and high performance.Drawing on our previous three collaborations with David Millar of CHPT3, we turn to page 4, and the horizon broadens. A bike that originated as a city commuter and became a daily workhorse for David, a former pro-cyclist, is now embraced by a community who see beyond simply departing from point A and arriving at point B.The Brompton x CHPT3 could be called an unlimited edition bike. It draws on the need for core Brompton practicality yet fulfils the desire for performance, causing you to stray from the shortest distance between two points. It’s everything you need and nothing that impedes your progress. Not a folding bike you could ride anywhere, but rather a bike that you will ride everywhere that also folds.

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A minimalist Brompton P Line, packed with high-performance details.

We selected proven performance modifications such as titanium forks and rear triangle, assembled for speed without loss of comfort. The gearing is chosen to cover all bases, from quick sprints and sustained speed to steep climbs. All contact points between you and the bike, and the bike and the road deliver lightness, performance and comfort. We’ve even sourced lightweight inner tubes, which means you can focus on avoiding the shortest route to reach your destination.


Brompton x CHPT3

Bike Specs

Handbuilt titanium and steel frameSuperlight

4-speed gear system

Low handlebarPremium aluminium touch points

Schwalbe One tyres – Tanwall

FizikTerra Argo Saddle

Ergon GE 1 Grips

CHPT3 frame pouch

Tubolito lightweight inner tubes

9.5 kg / 20.9 lbs

The bike’s finish takes inspiration from urban materials. High-shine Gloss Winter Sky and textured Concrete Grey are complemented with Fire Red and Aqua Teal accents. The Brompton x CHPT3 captures the feeling of inner-city riding. Mainframe: Gloss Winter Sky Rear frame: Textured Metallic Concrete Front Fork: Textured Metallic Concrete Handlebar Stem: Textured Metallic Concrete Front Frame: Gloss Fire Red Handlebar pin: Gloss Aqua TealGlitch effect decals

Brompton x CHPT3 Frame Pouch

Your CHPT3 comes with a limited-edition Frame Pouch Bag. It’s inspired by how the community use their Brompton x CHPT3 bikes – moving fast around the city, racing, heading out on long weekend rides. It’s perfectly sized for a spare tube and tools. Just like the bike, it’s minimalist, practical and brilliantly durable. In abrasion resistant Hypalon fabric with a welded, waterproof construction.

Key Features:

• Dimensions (cm): 10w x 14h x 4d

• 420D High Tenacity Nylon Hypalon

• Velcro flap closure• Main compartment sized for inner tube and tools

• Detachable Velcro strap

• Printed Brompton logo in CHPT3 Red

Additional information

Weight 30 lbs


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