Transcend any Terrain you Dream of with the Momentum E-Bike

Urban mobility is at your fingertips with the Momentum E-Bike. Momentum is a collection of stylish and comfortable commuter, hybrid and electric bikes that make it easy to enjoy cycling as part of an active, healthy and fun lifestyle.

The all-new Transcend E+ combines Class 3 28mph maximum assist with the smooth, easy shifting of the Shimano Nexus internally geared hub for a unique, well-priced transportation solution. The SyncDrive Life motor from Yamaha delivers smooth acceleration. The frame-integrated battery pack provides a clean, stealth appearance. Momentum is a sibling brand of Giant, and like other Giant e-bikes now includes an automatic assist mode, which sets the assist level for you based on what you need to most smoothly climb the hills. It features six Levels Assist Ride Control One: easy and intuitive command.

The Transcend E+ represents a smart transportation solution that’s way more fun than a train or a bus. Featuring the SyncDrive Life motor and an integrated battery pack, it gives you a seamless boost of pedaling power so you can ride farther and faster with less effort. The integrated battery pack features an in-tube battery design with 250W mid-frame motor.

You can choose lower support modes for fitness rides, or more support when you want to get across town without breaking a sweat. A lot of people think this bike does all the work but it can also be used as a stationary bike in the gym with all the views of the great outdoors. If you get tired turn the assist up a bit and if you want to get the work out you’ll want to turn it down. It’s truly up to you how hard the ride is!

The Giant E-bike app makes it easy to access navigation functions, fitness info and support modes. It’s everything you need to make daily transportation the best part of your day. If you are looking for an amazing e-bike with urban mobility, look no further than the Momentum Transcend E+. This bike represents a smart and stylish transportation option that’s way more fun than a car, train, or bus.

Make the Momentum a part of your healthy, active, and fun lifestyle. Get the Momentum before it’s all gone!

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