Take A Ride On One Of Our Unagi Scooters

Unagi scooters are a game changer when it comes to electric scooters. Other electric scooters can’t hold up to the Unagi scooter’s high-quality build, durability, and appearance. 

Just Ride LA offers Unagi scooters as one of our products, so you can find the best transportation technology without leaving the city. With an Unagi scooter, you can avoid the hassles of local transport and ride sharing without losing out on the speed and convenience of getting from place to place.

An Incredible Motor With Safe Braking

Unagi scooters come available in the E250 and the E450. The E250 offers a 250-watt motor that’s embedded in the front wheel for robust travel around the typical city terrain. The E450 offers a 225-watt motor in both wheels.

This gives the E450 Usagi scooter up to 450 watts and 28 newton meters of torque. This kind of power lets you conquer hills with 15-degree inclines with ease. Each Unagi scooter is optimized for efficiency, responsiveness, longevity, and performance.

But even with this incredible power, you never need to feel out of control. The Unagi scooter also comes with confident braking. Just push the ergonomically optimized lever and the scooter’s dual electronic anti-lock brakes will safely bring you to a stop.

Unagi scooters are built with variability in their controls. In both the accelerators and brakes, you can push down and increase either action. You don’t need to worry about being brought to a sudden and unnerving stop.

There’s No Better Way To Get Around

At Just Ride LA, we understand the importance of getting around quickly, safely, and efficiently without taking away any of the fun. Our Unagi scooters give you the chance to commute easily to work, home, and around the city while experiencing local culture all while having a blast.

To learn more about our Unagi scooters or to get your own to start a new adventure, contact Just Ride LA today.