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Your commute just got a whole lot easier.

$3,999.00 $3,650.00

The best folding commuter bike just got better. Show up sweat-free and store your bike comfortably under your desk.

  • Like all Bromptons, the electric folds into a third of it’s deployed size and stows easily under desks, in car trunks, or in your hall closet
  • The super-smooth proprietary 250-watt motor offers assistance up to 15 mph.
  • Now available in 2-speed or 6-speed options.

Starting Price: $3,350
Weight: 36 lbs.

Brompton bicycles have added a new level of convenience to commuting, perhaps better than any other bike on the market. Commuters with a short distance ride to work, or those who take the Metro and use the bike for their first and last mile will find no other option makes their lives easier than with Brompton. The Brompton Electric took a great tool and improved it with a way to arrive at the office fresh and sweat-free. Its 16-inch wheels give it great starting and uphill acceleration, and the e-assist is gradual and smooth. An internal torque sensor communicates with the front hub motor to conserve battery power, allowing your bike to roll along on your  momentum.

The internally geared motor offers a maximum assistance of 15 mph, and is available in 2- or 6-speed options. Our buyers can choose between two different handlebar heights: standard, or two inches taller for a more relaxed position. Check out the product page to play with the options!

The Motor


Brompton enlisted Formula 1 veterans at Williams Engineering to create a proprietary, Brompton-specific motor system. The bike employs a 250-watt internally geared motor in the front hub. It runs on a a relatively lightweight battery, keeping the weight down and balancing nicely above the 16-inch  front wheel.

The freewheel hub allows you to pedal with the motor off without any added resistance. It also helps save battery power by allowing the bike to cruise under your momentum when you’re not putting torque into the pedals. The transition from pedaling to motoring is extremely smooth, as the torque sensor accurately detects when you’re looking for a boost versus when you’re just cruising.



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