JRLA: Now featuring our exclusive Just Ride L.A. Bike

At Just Ride L.A., it has been a long-time vision of ours to come out with our very own model bike, inspired by our passion for bikes and our love for the cycling community. That is why it’s with great excitement we introduce to you the all-new and exclusive Just Ride bike, specially crafted by our familia here in our LA store.

Before we ever had a store, we started out in our garage putting together single speeds. The origin of Just Ride L.A.’s beginnings is really important to us. This is why when creating our Just Ride bike, we just had to go back to our roots—the single speeds. Dependable and low maintenance, elegantly smooth and straightforward, the single speed frees you up to focus on the present moment: enjoying the ride. At the end of the day, that is exactly what Just Ride is all about.

The Just Ride bike is durable and light and includes some snazzy features such as multiple mounts and reflective pedal straps. This is the only single speed to include these special additions!

We believe that our store is so much more than just a cycling shop: it’s a lifestyle and a go-to destination for the city’s cycling community. We wanted our bike to reflect that by being the optimal choice for anyone looking to enjoy the ride, and it’s one of the many reasons we are obsessed with this bike (not that we’re biased or anything). The high-quality nature of the build and details speak for themselves. So, come on in and see the single speed designed with every cyclist in mind—swing by the shop and take the Just Ride bike for a spin!

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