City Bicycles

City bicycles are designed for commuting, exercise and to explore our urban neighborhoods. Whether you’re looking to do a quick run to the grocery store or commute to work, Hybrid (city) bikes are the way to go.They feature larger tires than road bicycles offering a smoother yet sporty ride

Our team over at Just Ride LA specialize in all types of City and Hybrid bicycles, we’re hear to help alleviate any confusion the Interwebs or your “cyclist” friend may have created.
Take advantage of our team’s passion and expertise for city exploring in Los Angeles’s eclectic neighborhoods!

Road Bicycles

Road bikes are designed with epic adventures in mind. Whether you’re looking to climb to the top of a local peak to view the expanses of Los Angeles or fly along the beach in speed, road bikes are the way to go.

Drop handle-bars meshed with a road geometry put riders into an aerodynamic riding position. A road bicycle paired with a JRLA Bike Fit make the experience comfy and fast! Swing by and let us get you dialed.

Women’s Bicycle

We offer a comprehensive product mix designed specifically for female riders, ranging from city bicycles to premium road bikes. No matter your riding style, our range of women’s bicycles will get you rolling in no time. Not to mention our growing women’s apparel and gear selection!

Brands such as: Liv, Felt and Specialized which are committed to the female cyclist and share the same vision of Just Ride LA.

Folding Bicycles

Yes they look a little funky, but wait till you ride one! We carry the likes of Dahon and Brompton folding bicycles. Folding bicycles are perfect for commuting in the city and to fit your active lifestyle. The best part is you no longer need to worry about bicycle theft or storage.

X-Road Bicycles

X-Road bicycles are designed for your next adventure in mind. Whether you enjoy dominating our city streets with rough roads or like to do the occasional off road trail. These bikes can handle the abuse, they’re essentially a morph between a city and mountain bike. Swing by and check some out!

Single Speed Bicycles

The all time favorite for the streets of Los Angeles! Low maintenance, affordable, customizable and super fun to ride. Single Speed bicycles are reliable and require minimal maintenance making it a great city bike. They can be configured with a free wheel or as a fixed-gear bicycle (most do). Our shop carries the largest selection of Fixed gear and single bikes in all of Los Angeles county!

Kids Bicycles

The best way for parents to share their love of cycling is with there young ones. Kids bicycles come in many sizes to achieve a proper and safe ride. We carry a full range of Girls and Boys bicycles for the whole family.

Electric Bicycles

Electric bicycles have a integrated motor and battery pack that helps riders get up steep hills. Electric bikes or “E-Bikes” are great for commuters that don’t want to show up at the office soaking in sweat.