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Folding bicycles are designed to fit into your life and not take up a lot of room. Folding bikes can be taken anywhere: public transportation, the office, restaurants and coffee shops. If you need a versatile bike to commute in the city we have lots of options from brands that include: Brompton, Dahon, Giant and Retrospec.

Introducing Brompton Bicycles all the way from London! We’re proud to be the official Los Angeles partner for all things Brompton has to offer. Our shop is conveniently located in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles with over 30 bicycles available in stock. We also carry a full range of luggage for Brompton bikes. Not to mention our fast turn around time on tune-ups as well.

The Brompton bikes bellow are what we believe are the best fit for Los Angeles city and world travel. We are happy to special order the specific build in which you dreamed of directly from London as well. Please feel free to call or email us with any questions you may have. link to email here

Brompton folding bicycle

Quality Craftsmanship

Brompton Bicycles are designed to fit your active lifestyle. They are handmade in London since 1975 and are fully customizable to match your needs. Not only do they fold up fast and easy but they’re also the only bike on the market that is overhead compartment ready for most airlines. They also have the same wheelbase as a full size bicycle which is very impressive and also why they ride so well.

Brompton folding bicycle

Fits Into Your Life

Brompton bikes can be taken almost anywhere: public transportation, the office, airplanes, trains restaurants and coffee shops. A concern for bicycle theft is now a thing of the past. A Brompton folding bicycle is designed to fit into your life. Its compact folding design means that it can be taken with you into the coffee shop or restaurant, which means chances of theft are virtually non existent.

Brompton folding bicycle

Explore The City

Folding bicycle can take with you anywhere! A Brompton folding bicycle can take you anywhere and has the fastest fold and unfold in the industry. Free yourself from the confines of other forms of transport and take in the city around you. Brompton bicycles’ do more than just get you from point A to point B.

Brompton folding bicycle

Your Personal Mobility Device

Folding bicycles are perfect for commuting in urban areas. Brompton’s serve as your bicycle, shopping cart, and way to explore your environment. Our shop is so excited to be partners with such a sweet brand that fits almost everyones needs. Swing by soon to try a few bikes out!


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