Brompton Folding Bicycles –  The Most Compact Folding Bike

Brompton Bicycles are designed to fit into your life. They are hand made in London with customisable parts to help tailor a folding bicycle that is perfect for you. Nothing folds as compactly as a Brompton. Brompton bikes can be taken anywhere: public transportation, the office, restaurants and coffee shops. If you need a versatile bike to commute in the city get a Brompton.

Brompton folding bicycle

Quality Craftsmanship

Brompton’s have been handmade in London since 1975. Each frame is meticulously brazed by a skilled craftsman, ensuring a strong durable frame.

Brompton folding bicycle

Fits Into Your Life

A Brompton folding bicycle is designed to fit into your life. Its compact folding design means that it can be taken with you into the coffee shop or restaurant, which means there is less chance of getting stolen.

Brompton folding bicycle

Explore The City

A Brompton folding bicycle can take you anywhere! Its folding frame allows you to get more out of less space. Free yourself from the confines of other forms of transport and take in the city around you.

Brompton folding bicycle

The Most Compact Folding

Brompton folding bikes are the most compact folding bicycle on the market. A Brompton can be taken anywhere: subways, your office and coffee shops. Brompton bikes fit into your life.

Brompton folding bicycle

Your Personal Mobility Device

Brompton bicycles’ do more than just get you from point A to point B. Brompton’s serves as your bicycle, shopping cart, and way to explore your environment. Folding bikes equal FREEDOM.