Brompton Bicycles

Just Ride L.A. reigns as Downtown Los Angeles’ premiere bicycle shop & Southern California’s most reliably efficient, full service Brompton Specialist. With great certainty JRLA introduces Los Angeles to the ultimate personal mobility device! Brompton folding bikes may appear unfamiliar at first, but that’s because they are. The Brompton approach to commuting has blazed a trail all the way to the top with no signs of folding under the pressure. Much like the staff at Just Ride L.A., Brompton makes it easier for you to live your life in the best way possible!


Brompton folding bicycle

Quality Craftsmanship

Brompton’s have been handmade in London since 1975. Each frame is meticulously brazed by a skilled craftsman, ensuring a strong durable frame.

Brompton folding bicycle

Fits Into Your Life

A Brompton folding bicycle is designed to fit into your life. Its compact folding design means that it can be taken with you into the coffee shop or restaurant, which means there is less chance of getting stolen.

Folding your Brompton tutorial

Unfolding your Brompton tutorial

Brompton folding bicycle

Explore The City

A Brompton folding bicycle can take you anywhere! Its folding frame allows you to get more out of less space. Free yourself from the confines of other forms of transport and take in the city around you.

Brompton folding bicycle

The Most Compact Fold

Brompton is the most hassle-free, most compact folding bike on the market, bar none. From trains, trunks, even overhead compartments. You can put it anywhere.

Brompton folding bicycle

Your Personal Mobility Device

Brompton bicycles’ do more than just get you from point A to point B. Brompton’s serves as your bicycle, shopping cart, and way to explore your environment. Folding bikes equal FREEDOM.

An offer like this is unheard of for Brompton bicycles. Act fast while its only live for a short time!

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